Trigger Point
  • Used to relieve tight areas within muscle tissues that are causing pain in areas of the body
  • Targeted pressure and release to stimulate release of the muscles
  • Great for those with chronic pain
Swedish Massage
  • Light to medium pressure for stress related or relaxation needs
  • Encourages circulation and lymph movement
Deep Tissue Massage
  • Releases muscle tension while providing deep pain relief
  • Lengthens muscles and excellent for chronic and overuse injuries
Sports Massage
  • Promotes flexibility to decrease the risk of injury while improving endurance
  • Is able to aid in the recovery time after workouts and balances athletes stress
  • Restorative relaxation to decrease stress and anxiety
  • Relieves pain and forms of arthritis
Prenatal Massage
  • Great for improving mobility, decreasing headaches and backaches
  • Enhances sleep and helps reduce fatigue
Geriatric Massage
  • Encourages circulation to improves balance, flexibility and joint movement.
  • Reduces pain and anxiety